David Aiken the Technical Developer Evangelist for HP Cloud at HPE. His role at HPE is to know everything about cloud, build demos, do cool stuff, help out when things get deep and keep the teams honest.

Before joining HP he was GM at Aditi, where he ran the cloud architecture consulting team focusing on AWS and Azure. This was hot on the heels of many roles at Microsoft, where he has helped ship many “firsts” with Windows Azure.

He tries to spend most of his time building demos, samples and such – but gets dragged into things involving PowerPoint and even sometimes Spreadsheets. He also “makes good progress” riding his motorcycle and surviving his family.

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  1. Hi,
    Glad I tripped over your blog post. Leaving message here because the contact link is broken. I was quite stunned when I got back to work after 12 weeks (illness) to learn you’d moved on. I must say, it looks like you landed in a good place. Look forward to hearing from you.

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