This is my blog.

Although I work for HP. This is still my blog.

I currently hold the position of Technical Evangelist & Technical Assistant to the SVP of Cloud Product Management at HP, Bill Hilf. This is possibly the coolest job on the planet as most of my job involves learning everything there is to know about clouds, with focus on HP Helion – OpenStack and Cloud Foundry. Some days I’m building demos, others I’m hacking ironic.

Before joining HP my technical expertise was in Windows Azure, having spent since Jan 2008 working with the darn thing. (Yes Jan 2008, I know.) I’ve also worked on some pretty magical projects (www.pottermore.com), spoken at many MS conferences, launched Azure twice and a bunch of other things my NDA and rooms full of lawyers won’t allow me to talk about 🙂

When I’m not doing things with Cloud (which my wife claims isn’t very often) I’m either with my family or riding into the sunset on my MC.

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