Welcome me to Aditi

Change is good.

After 7 years working for the worlds greatest software company Microsoft I decided a change was needed, and new challenges to be found. My last day was 9/6/13.

It was a great 7 years and I’ve done some pretty amazing things, ┬ákick started the Windows PowerShell training, built the mega demo DinnerNow and Visual Studio 2008 training kits. Then it was onto Windows Azure. I was the first Azure evangelist in 2008 and worked with the original A-team, Ryan Dunn, Vittorio Bertocci , Zach Owens, Steve Marx, James Conard and Wade Wegner. We started Cloud Cover, shipped a few PDC keynotes, built the Windows Azure training kit and worked the Azure magic on the conference circuit. We were Microsoft Evangelists and we lived the dream. Everyone has since moved on, some have other roles in MS and others have left. The fun things is, all those that have left now work at Aditi Technologies.

I’m pleased to be back working with some of the most talented people i know at Aditi Technologies. I joined Monday as the general manager for cloud services. There I will continue to work on Windows Azure projects with a great team of Cloud Architects. I’ve spent the last few days in a secret location with Wade (the CTO) and others on the leadership team, drinking from the fire hose and I feel pretty refreshed. I cannot say much more, other than this is an incredibly exciting place to be right now.

I’ll miss working with all the great people at Microsoft – but raise your glass to change and new beginnings.