Windows Azure Platform Training Kit – June Update

I’m pleased to announce the June update for the Windows Azure Platform training kit.

You can download it from here.

The training kit has everything you need to get started and then dig deep on the Windows Azure platform, including Windows Azure, SQL Azure, “Dallas”, Identity and the Windows Azure Platform AppFabric.

We have some minor updates to the training presentations and some new & updated hands on labs since the December release.

If you have used this content as a base for your own PLEASE take a look at the updated decks. I still see content from POST-PDC 09 that is now technically wrong.

Here is what is new in the kit:

  • Introduction to Windows Azure – VS2010 version
  • Intro To SQL Azure – VS2010 version
  • Intro Service Bus – VS2010 version
  • Intro To Dallas – VS2010 version
  • Intro Access Control Service – VS2010 version
  • Web Services and Identity in the Cloud
  • Exploring Windows Azure Storage
    • VS2010 version
    • + new Exercise: “Working with Drives”
  • Windows Azure Deployment
    • VS2010 version
    • + new Exercise: “Securing Windows Azure with SSL”
  • Minor fixes to presentations – mainly timelines, pricing, new features etc.

We are currently working on updating the presentations and demos in the training kit. These will form the basis of a new 3 day course which digs much deeper into the platform – watch out for this update during July.

If you have any ideas on how we should improve the kit, please drop me an email. My email address is my firstname.lastname at