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New Bid Now Sample on Code Gallery

I’ve just posted the latest version of Bid Now on code gallery at! On code gallery you will find the code, as well as some guidance on how to get Bid Now running on your machine, as well as how you can deploy it to the cloud.

A few days back I presented at the Windows Azure fire starter event here in Redmond. (More on that in a few days when the videos are posted.) This is one of the demos I showed during my talk.

The demo is built on Windows Azure, and uses Windows Azure table and blob storage for data. There are some great things to look at in the code, such as the decoupling of functionality and use of Windows Azure Queues. It is also a great example of how you can build complex data applications using Windows Azure table storage. Think nosql here.

If you look at the homepage you can see there are several “views” of the data. As an example the boots below are shown in both the “Bids ending soon!” and “Hottest” sections. This data is pulled from different Windows Azure tables as all the data has been de-normalized.


Over the next few days I’ll be posting more details on how we built this app, some of the do’s and don’ts as well as how you can use it for your own demos/projects.


2 thoughts on “New Bid Now Sample on Code Gallery

  1. Hello,

    This is a great example. Thanks for sharing.

    I need to build an Azure web app(ASP.NET). This will have main database in the cloud but some search pages will be accessing the corp net DB. Is that possible?

    Essentially we need a cloud app which works as if it is installed on the domain/LAN. For example when a user navigates to the app, we should be able to do WindowsAuth and also be able to access AD from this app.

    Is this possible in the Azure authentication model? Is there a sample app which uses WinAuth?


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